the green dragon hide

The day before yesterday, we went to our friends Maria and Gabriel for a lovely dinner and came home with a new dragon hide for my French Double. Gabriel plays the baroque violin, invents stuff and sells this, and other violinist’s supplies, on his website (look at and you’ll get an idea).

His latest adventure is the development of the harpsichord cover to end all harpsichord covers. It is made from high-end plastics and foam, and basically, it works like a simple cardboard box: you have a somewhat smaller bottom part and a somewhat bigger lid to fit over the bottom. The sides, harpsichord shape, are respectively flip-flapped up or down and held in place by a multitude of heavy-duty Velcro strips.

Special features are an extra protected bottom part and a padded tail-end protection. And the green color, straight from Loch Ness. The whole assembly has, in its prototype-state, a characteristic un-foldability, which manifested itself in very inelegant manipulations for getting the hide out of their house and into the car – and out again. I have yet to determine where in my house it will dwell. But great things are to come from this initiative. Maybe one could mount a bunch of wheels and a small engine underneath and drive the harpsichord around in it.

I’m heading down now to try to put my instrument inside. An update with pictures is likely to follow soon. Ah, at a second glance, we are not even going there. Design modifications are in order. But the concept is intriguing. There will be updates eventually.


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