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Updated August 2015

I work as a harpsichordist, fortepianist and musicologist, and am a harpsichord and continuo instructor-on-demand at the Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborg, West Sweden. I also work as a translator and harpsichord technician. Beginning in 1991, I held a position with the baroque ensemble Corona Artis based in Göteborg, performing a wide variety of continuo and solo literature in all Baroque styles and in the earlier Classical style. Corona Artis became a freelance ensemble in January 2007.

I am specialized in solo performance on the harpsichord and continuo playing. I also have a special interest in the early piano, its construction and its repertoire. Since 1997 I have conducted research in Beethoven performance practice on the piano. My Ph.D. dissertation (2007) combined historical and organological analysis to develop some guidelines for performing Beethoven’s early keyboard works. My present research focuses on progressive and conservative influences on the development of Viennese pianos after 1800.

I am also the editor of the e-newsletter of the Westfield Center for historical keyboard studies, and guest editor of the journal Keyboard Perspectives, vols. VI/2013 and VIII/(in preparation). 


1959 Born in Bremen, Germany

Performance studies 1979-1987, 1999

1986 Teaching degree from Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam
Studies with Bob van Asperen (1979), Anneke Uittenbosch (1980-1983), Ton Koopman and Tini Mathot (1984-1986).

1986-1987 Harpsichord studies Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam
With Gustav Leonhardt.

Fall 1999 Fortepiano and performance practice studies, Cornell University
With Malcolm Bilson. In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Ph.D.

Musicological studies 1997-2007

1997-1998 Pre-doctoral course (C-kurs), Department of Musicology, Göteborg University
Thesis, “Keyboard Instruments of the Young Beethoven.”

2007 Ph.D., Department of Musicology, Göteborg University
Dissertation, “Beethoven the Pianist: Biographical, organological and performance-practical aspects of his years as a public performer.”

Postdoctoral research 2009-2011

Project title “Stability and change in Early Romantic Viennese piano culture.” Recent publications are found on the “publications” page.

Continuo and solo performance with Corona Artis 1991-2006

Full-time until 1997; then half-time until December 2006. Harpsichord and organ continuo and harpsichord and fortepiano solo performance in projects covering repertory from early Baroque to Beethoven. Three to five tours annually in West Sweden. Collaboration with Paul O’Dette, Gottfried von der Goltz, Monica Huggett, Andrew Lawrence-King, Wieland Kuijken, Andrew Manze and Jaap Schroeder. Numerous productions for Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television.

Freelance continuo and solo performance 1984-present

Solo recitals, chamber music performances, and continuo performance on historical harpsichord, virginal, organ, and fortepiano, repertory ranging from Baroque to Viennese Classical.


Fluent German, English, Dutch, Swedish. Basic spoken and written French. Basic Italian and Latin.


Cooking, esp. Italian and Indonesian cuisine, photography, woodworking, drawing and N-gauge model trains.


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