Beethoven The Pianist errata

This is the place where I publish the (luckily few, but irksome nevertheless) errors in my book Beethoven the Pianist (Cambridge University Press, 2010) that have been brought to my attention.

P. 12 n. 7, second line, the reference should be to “Reihe IV”; the same applies to the bibliography p. 270, entry “Van der Zanden, Jos.”

P. 54 n. 88, second line, 11th word: “werden.”

P. 204, second paragraph, line 13, penultimate word: “twenty-sixth” instead of “sixteenth.” Line 15, 7th word: “twenty-seventh” instead of “eighteenth.”

P. 205, second paragraph, line 6, the mentioned Opus number is Op. 39, not 93. The pieces were revised (not written) in 1789, they were composed earlier during the 1780s.


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