© Tilman Skowroneck 2013

This page contains my picture gallery, including some high-res promotion pictures

IMG_0210With Martin Skowroneck in the Bremen workshop, July 2013. Photo Robin Blanton
_34_0033Me taking a picture of me. Southampton 2009
018July 2012. Photo: Jessica Skowroneck
032July 2012. Photo: Jessica Skowroneck
TS-IMG_9128May 2012. Photo: Per Fernesten
bild-5January 2013. Photo: Per Axelsson
DSC03025Masterclass in Metz, January 2013. Photo: Anne-Catherine Bucher
DSC03006Harpsichord maintenance, January 2013. Photo: Anne-Catherine Bucher
IMG_3477Turning pages for Ludger Rémy, June 2010. Photo: Jessica Skowroneck
bild-3With Menno van Delft and Ketil Haugsand, January 2013. Photo: Per Axelsson
Staunton Music Festival 2013Tuning harpsichords at the Staunton Music Festival, Trinity Episcopal Church, Staunton, Va. August 20, 2013. Photo: Pat Jarrett

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