Continuo / harpsichord and fortepiano solo

Updated March 14, 2019


My experience as a continuo player covers the Baroque repertoire in all genres. I have been performing and recording with the Swedish Baroque ensemble Corona Artis since 1991. Additionally I participate in many of the annual passions and oratorios of the Göteborg area, which are usually performed on period instruments. I have also played in concerts and CD recordings of the German Baroque Orchestra Le Chardon. My field of activity is worldwide.

Booking in South and Middle Sweden and the Copenhagen area:

I travel with my own harpsichord, virginal or fortepiano.

Booking: tilman[at]skowroneck[dot]de or view the contact page.

Harpsichord solo

I perform harpsichord music in most of the historical styles, ranging from the Virginalists to Haydn. Each season, I present one mixed harpsichord solo program while working on new repertoire as time allows, and on specific projects.

Repertoire/ongoing projects:

After concluding a Bach recording project last October, I am currently preparing a recording with the work of Francois Couperin, containing the famous 8th ordre from the second book of Pièces de Clavecin, and selections from the first book. I am also working on selected pieces by J.S. Bach, J.P. Rameau and others.


Fortepiano solo

A harpsichordist from the beginning, I became interested in classical keyboard literature only relatively late in my studies. As a musicologist, I have specialized in performance practices of Beethoven’s piano works, while as a performer, I am continuously exploring the literature and expanding my repertoire.

Repertoire/ongoing projects:

Beethoven Cello Sonatas op. 5, and variation works (together with Johan Stern, Gothenburg)



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