françois couperin recordings coming soon

I spent two of the last days in March 2020 before the (comparatively moderate, but still) Swedish coronavirus-stay-at-home recommendations went live, recording a harpsichord program with music by François Couperin. The program contains the first Prélude in C-major and selections from the third Ordre in C-minor from book 1 of the Pièces de Clavecin; the second Prélude in D-major and selections from the second Ordre, and the sixth Prélude in B-minor and the entire magnificent eighth Ordre in B-minor.

Two sound samples are here (Second Ordre, La Terpsicore and La Garnier:

The recording was made in Ödenäs church on March 4 and 5, 2020, by Erik Sikkema. The Harpsichord is a 18th-century French model (5 octaves) by Martin Skowroneck (1980).


The spooky photo below was taken after the end of recording day 2, harpsichord already safely stored in the car (invisible beside the low right-hand corner) and waiting for its 40-Minute drive home over icy backroads.



2 Responses to “françois couperin recordings coming soon”

  1. Freek Sluijs Says:

    Hey Tilman, well done! A very sweet sound this is. It seems like those small churches in Sweden suit the harpsichord very well.

  2. skowroneck Says:

    Thanks Freek! We actually had a problem first because the round wooden roof created some interesting intensified-frequency-hotspots. Shifting the harpsichord 20 cm did help…

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