Courses and teaching

Updated March 2019.

I am senior lecturer in musical performance at the Academy of Music and Drama (Högskolan för scen och musik) of the University of Gothenburg, supervising Bachelor’s and Master’s student’s work and teaching harpsichord and continuo at the  Master’s Programme in Organ and Related Keyboard Instruments.

I am also available to individuals and small groups for private lessons (harpsichord and fortepiano). It is possible to have lessons at my home which is located 20 minutes by car from Göteborg’s Landvetter Airport. There are two fortepianos (Viennese, 5 octaves; English, 5 1/2 octaves), two clavichords (five octaves), three harpsichords (French, Flemish, Italian) and a pentagonal virginal to suit most of the repertoire. We do have a guest room.

I am available for the coaching of Baroque ensembles, singers and continuo players worldwide.

I offer harpsichord master classes.

I offer a one, or two-days hands-on harpsichord maintenance and voicing workshop for up to c. 20 participants. This course had its premiere in Jerusalem in 2004 and was repeated there in July 2012 and (at the Tel Aviv conservatory) in October 2014. It informs the participants about the appropriate materials, tools and techniques of plectra making and voicing, about various voicing philosophies, and about other issues of harpsichord regulation. The participants will have the opportunity to make their own plectra and to get them assessed.

Booking: tilman[at]skowroneck[dot]de or view the contact page.


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